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Best DIY Tuya Home Automation IoT 10A Intelligent Wireless Remote Control Switch Interruptor WiFi Smart Electric Circuit Breaker

New DIY Tuya Home Automation IoT 10A Intelligent Wireless Electric Circuit Breaker Interruptor WiFi Smart Remote Control Switch

Product Description

Product parameters:

Input voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum load current:10A
WIFI standard:WiFi 2.4G
Max. load2400W
Shell material:ABS
Working temperature:-20-50℃
Certification standard:CE/RoHS


 Product Features:
1. APP remote control
2. Timing function
3. Countdown function
4. Status feedback
5. Power off memory
6. Sharing control
7. Manual switch
8. Support AI platform: Amazon Alexa / Google Home / Tmall Wizard / Ruoqi / Dingdong / Tencent Xiaowei / DuerOS voice control


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