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TDC802 light meter

New design best handheld Digital Lightmeter Tester Luminometer Luxmeter Photometer Luxmeter Illuminance Lux Light Meter

Digital Luxmeter Lux light meter for photography Photometer Mini spectrometer spectrophotometer Luminometer


Display:4 digits color LCD display

Measuring range:0 Lux~200K Lux, 0Fc~20KFc

Resolution:<1000 : 0.1 ; >1000:1

Spectral response: CIE photopic(CIE human eye response curve)

Over range indication: LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-"

Spectral accuracy: CIE Vλ function (f1’≤ 6%, f2’≤ 2%)

Accuracy:±3% rdg±8 d (<10,000Lux),±4% rdg±10d (>10,000Lux)

Sampling rate:500ms

Photo detector: Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter

Battery life: at least 60 hours

Operating conditions: Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~90RH%

Storage conditions: Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~75 RH%

Power supply:3*1.5V “AAA” batteries

High-precision design: The digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting in an area, High Accuracy, fast response and stable reading.

Dual Display: 4-bit color LCD display, easy to read the measurement, LUX/FC unit can switch freely select, data retention function, data automatically recorded.

Portable Design: One-handed operation ergonomic design, This pocket size design makes it easy to carry, no matter where you are.

Low battery indication: Built-in low battery level indication, enable / disable automatic shutdown, over range indication, low power consumption.

You only need one: Extensive use of digital photometer allows you to lighting in schools, offices, industry, warehouses, laboratories and other occasions.


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