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200Mohm 200uF 20H Digital LCD Capacitance Inductance LCR Multimeter UA6243L

UA6243L LCR Meter multimeter digital with inductance capacitance resistance multitest tester

Key Specifications/Special Features:

UA6243L inductance capacitance meter is a kind of stable performance, safe and reliable, high precision of handheld 3 1/2 a manual switch range digital instrument
Can be used to measure the capacitance, resistance, triode magnification beta and other functions
Apply to electronic experiment, production lines, resistance of the pits and teaching, or inductance test, it is an ideal repair tool for users

Basic functionRange                       Accuracy
Inductance20mH-20H ±(2.5%+25)
Special function

Maximum display1999
Range choicemanual range
Low battery display
Auto power off
Data hold
Function ProtectionV
Shock Proof ProtectionV
General characteristics

Power9V (6F22) x1
Fuselage size143x74x35mm
Fuselage weightabout 176g

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