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5 Colors Test Lead Cable Set with Alligator Clips

10PCS Electrical Alligator Clips with Wires Test Leads Sets Soldered and Stamping Jumper Wires for Circuit Connection/Experiment, 21 inches 5 Colors (10 PCS)

NON-SLIP&FORCEFUL--alligator clips made by nickel plated steel with a strong spring and solid connection

DIFFERENT COLORS--Green×2, White×2, Black×2, Yellow×2, Red×2; Very convenient for classroom experiments

ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY--The alligator clips soldered and stamping to the wires which offer the Low Resistance and High Sensitivity, wire diameter: 2 mm, inner area: 0.5mm, wire guage: 22 AWG

WIDE APPLICATION--Laboratory, electrical testing work such as experiments, breadboarding, prototyping, troubleshooting and so on. It can be use in labs, shops, schools, home and industry

10 Test leader & 5 colors : green×2,white×2,black×2,yellow×2,red×2

20 Clips by nickel plated steel with PVC insulators and vinyl-covered alligator clips, strong spring clips and easy installation

Length-20.5", Test lead-1.6" The clips soldered and stamping to the wires, Alligator clips securely to ensure good conduction

Wire: 22-AWG copper with PVC insulation, The test leads are handy for most light electronics works

Rating: hands-free testing at 7Amp, high-quality product, 12 months manufacturer warranty


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