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SMT Chip Test Clip Lead Probe Multimeter Tweezer SMD IC Diode Capacitor Resistance Tweezer

SMD Clip component LCR testing tool Multimeter tester meter Pen probe lead tweezers

SMD SMT Chip Test Clip Lead Probe Digital multimeter Meter Tweezer Capacitor Resistance tweezers 

Material: Plastic and Metal  

Color: Black and Red  

Up for sale is a brand new meter clip probe for SMD components measure  

This clip probe is suitable for resistor, capacitor or other SMD components  

It is one of the convenient tool that you need for your electronic work  

Maximum voltage: 250V  

Open clip distance: 10mm  

High quality shielded coaxial cable  

Universal multi-meter plug  

Ease of use  

Protective caps for probe tips  

15mm plug insertion depth  

Comfort grip probes with anti-slip design  

total length :690mm

line length :535mm

Quantity: 1Pc  


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